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Update from Age UK Wiltshire Information & Advice service
10 February 2021

Hello everyone,

Hope you are keeping well in these challenging times at the moment.

I hope you don’t mind me writing just to update you with some news from the Information & Advice (I&A) team at Age UK Wiltshire that may be helpful to older residents across the county:

  • We are supporting clients to apply for the Wiltshire Surviving Winter Grant this year (in partnership with Wiltshire Community Foundation and Wiltshire Warm & Safe) which, if applying through Age UK Wiltshire, is a one-off grant of £150 (up to £250 for some clients). We can support clients who meet all the following criteria:
  • over pension age (client and/or partner)
  • have household income (excluding disability benefits) less than £16,190pa OR in receipt of a means-tested benefit
  • considered to be in fuel poverty by AUKW– e.g. high heating costs, struggling to afford to heat their home adequately, hard-to-heat homes, significantly underusing heating.
  • able to provide evidence of their means-tested benefit and a suitable bank account to pay the money into
  • We continue to take applications for our free telephone befriending service and are branching out into other things like telephone book groups, although we now have a short waiting list. We can also refer into free Age UK national telephone befriending.
  • We are still supporting clients with Attendance Allowance/DLA application forms which is now done through free telephone appointments and turnaround time for us contacting and completing the appointment is around 2wks or less (with it being backdated to the date of referral to us)
  • We continue to offer telephone and email advice and support in the usual areas of advice like welfare benefits for older people, housing options and issues and care and support options.

All of the above can be arranged through our Information & Advice team by calling us on 0808 196 2424 or emailing us You can read about our other services on our website here:

Please let me know if you have any queries and would be glad to hear any news from you also! Please feel free to share with any colleagues or contacts that you think may be helpful for.

Kind regards,


Rachel Clarke(She/Her)

Senior Project Worker

Information & Advice team

Age UK Wiltshire

Tel: 0808 196 2424 (advice line)

Census 2021 - Your questions answered
16 January 2021

Please see attached regarding the upcoming Census.

Census 2021
16 November 2020

The census is taking place in March 2021.

It’s a survey that happens every 10 years and gives us a picture of all the people and households in England and Wales. It helps plan and fund public services, like transport, education and healthcare.

Marlborough Neighbourhood Area Designation Consultation
07 October 2020

Dear Parishioners,

Please find attached the amended documentation supporting Wiltshire’s consultation on the neighbourhood area designation consultation, which will run from Monday 5th October to Monday 16th of November 2020.

Neighbouring Town and Parish Councils will be notified before the start of the consultation.

The application form will be available to view online during the consultation period on the Wiltshire neighbourhood planning web page, and any comments received will be processed on our consultation portal.

Letter to Parishioners Regarding Covid 19 from Guy Singleton - Chairman
23 March 2020

Help and guidance during the current Coronavirus pandemic

Wessex Community Action Newletter
01 March 2020
Changes to Recycling Collections
07 February 2020

Changes to Kerbside Recycling Collections

Briefing Note No. 20-09

Home Start - Kennet
01 February 2020

Home-Start Kennet is a charity that helps young families struggling with challenges such as: isolation, post-natal depression, illness, bereavement, poor mental and physical health, family breakdown and multiple birth. Our volunteers visit families in their own home weekly for 2 hours for around 6 months. We are currently looking for new volunteers to join us ahead of our next volunteer training course in March.

Highways Newsletter - January 2020
01 January 2020

I am sure the continued wet weather, and now freezing temperatures, have not escaped your attention and the challenge of the extra wear and tear to the highway this causes, with the related increase in the number of holes.

The council just wants to reassure everyone we are set up for the increase in reports of pot holes and ask for your assistance with reporting any issues on our highways through the MyWiltshire system.

To ensure Wiltshire’s network is maintained at the highest possible standards every adopted road in Wiltshire is inspected at a frequency depending on their use. Higher used roads receive a greater number of inspections, but if we have your help with identifying any problems between inspections this allows us to address issues at the earliest opportunity.

Sadly every Christmas and New Year results in a peak in the amount of litter dropped.

The council will respond to litter reports, however, for your information with the first annual scheduled litter pick of major routes, and all its amenity areas, will commence from the 1st March 2020.

This is also to coincided with the Great British Spring Clean which is in March.

The council will be supporting the Great British Spring Clean Event again this year, with the arrangements as per last year, with your Community Engagement Manager being the point of contact for any support you may require.

The council will also be supporting a number of other activities and a programme of undertakings will be announced in the April Newsletter.

As the winter has been warm and wet we are currently looking to commence our amenity grass cutting monthly arrangements in March, with the annual verge cut being undertaken in the early summer season and the trial wildflower areas having their own arrangements.

Savernake Neighbourhood Plan
01 December 2019

Please use the following link to access the Savernake neighbourhood Plan

View plan here

Letter to Parishioners from Guy Singleton - Chairman
22 November 2019

Dear Parishioner

I am writing with regard to a proposal from Marlborough Town Council that affects all Parishioners and the future of the Parish, and would accordingly ask that all Parishioners within each household read this letter and respond. Generally we only get a very limited response to our communications but we would ask everyone to make a special effort to respond to this letter.

We firstly regret to inform you that Neil Twentyman died on 24th September 2019 after a short illness, he was the Parish Council Chairman from 2013 -2016 and has been the treasurer from 2017. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time. I would like to record my thanks for all the work he has done for the Parish and his support whilst I have been the Chairman.

The proposal that Marlborough Town Council has forwarded to Wiltshire Council suggests that Savernake and Preshute Parishes should be incorporated within the Marlborough Town Boundary. Their stated reasoning for this is that, as they have access to greater funding, they say they could provide a better service than the current Parish Councils.

The view of all the Savernake Parish Councillors is that this proposal by Marlborough Town Council should be rejected, the main reason for this is being the significant increase in council tax that would result. To give you an idea of what the change would mean to you, their precept for a Band D Council Tax Property is £195.13, whereas the current Savernake Parish Council equivalent is £9.40. As a comparison, other neighbouring Parishes’ equivalents are Wootton Rivers £24.06 and Preshute £47.48.

As previously notified, we do still need to find a new Parish Clerk to provide the council with the necessary legal support required in today’s environment. However, even with employing a Clerk, at this stage we anticipate that the Savernake Parish Council Band D precept would still only rise to approximately £20-25 per annum and would therefore continue to be significantly below that charged by Marlborough Town Council.

We also believe that Marlborough Town Council would spend far less time considering matters within Savernake, than the current Savernake Parish Council, and our representation on the Council would be minimal - there are 221 voters within Savernake, compared to 6,207 in Marlborough Town so it would be very unlikely that Savernake voters would have an effective voice on the council.

Additionally, all your current Savernake Parish Councillors live in the Parish, have been resident there for many years, and have a good understanding of the issues and concerns arising there.

Given this proposal, in order to decide what approach Savernake Parish Council should take, we would like to establish what the views of our Parishioners are so, at the end of this letter there is a simple question which we would be grateful if you could please answer, to let us know your view by Friday 20th December, there is also a copy on the website. Please can each Parishioner in a household respond (for reasons of economy one letter per household has been sent but the higher number of responses we receive, the more significance the results will have).

Please can you forward your responses to me at the above address or to the Parish Council email address We will put the results of the survey on the Savernake Parish Council website,

If you would like further information or to discuss this please contact me via the above email or on 01672 514241.

With best wishes,

Guy Singleton

Chairman of Savernake Parish Council

Savernake Forest Volunteer Group
01 January 2000


Come and join us - the Savernake Forest Volunteer Group
The Forestry Commission have established a volunteer group for Savernake Forest to promote conservation and heritage of this ancient woodland. Whilst helping you will be learning. Please contact the Forestry Commission's Recreation Ranger for the Bristol and Savernake beat, Dan Charlesworth, for further information. (