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All Things Roads
23 February 2023

Marlborough Area Board will be hosting an evet about 'All Things Roads' on Thursday 23rd February at 6.30pm at Marlborough Town Hall.

Come along and share your views, and hear what their panel has to say about congestion, speed, safety and air quality.

If you have a particular question or topic you wish to be covered please send it to with All Things Roads in the subject line, by 5pm on Friday 19th February.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
01 February 2023

A Waste Update

The council’s current household waste management strategy follows the waste hierarchy, aiming to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible, while dealing with residual waste in the most sustainable way. The council has two landfill diversion contracts in place to help manage its residual waste and very little Wiltshire household residual waste is sent to landfill, with any food waste present used to contribute to the generation of energy or processing into a fuel.

You may have seen in other local authorities, and indeed overseas, weekly or twice weekly doorstep food waste collections. Wiltshire Council’s current waste strategy is to not provide a separate collection of food waste as it would be prohibitively expensive to implement and operate across the large rural county. The current plan is to prioritise working with residents to reduce the amount of food wasted in the first instance, helping families to not waste money, and by continuing to offer subsidised home food waste digesters.

Wiltshire Council has teamed up with Great Green Systems to offer Wiltshire residents discounted food waste composters, called a Green Johanna. These “hot composters” are available for only £60 (discounted from £129.99). More information is online at Reducing your waste and composting - Wiltshire Council

However, the Government has consulted widely on a proposed policy which would mandate consistency in household and business recycling collections in England. This is expected to include the mandatory introduction of weekly food waste collections by 2025.

All the council’s kerbside collected recyclables are managed by Hills at a materials recycling facility at Sands Farm, Calne and the council benefits from a 79% share of the income generated from the sale of materials collected through the kerbside service. During the six months April to September 2022, this realised £2.24m in income, as recycling commodity prices were particularly strong during the first part of the year. However, increasing levels of contamination can result in downgraded prices paid, or material being rejected. Residents can help improve recycling rates, and ultimately reduce the cost of managing waste to the council taxpayer by ensuring that:

· Only recyclables are put into blue bins – sadly, all too often bags of general waste and nappies find their way into the blue bins;

· Flexible or soft plastics, such as bread bags, packaging film and carrier bags cannot be recycled through the blue-bin scheme – people should place these in their residual waste bins where the waste is used to generate energy, or alternatively take to a local supermarket if they have facilities to collect them for recycling;

· Packing materials in cardboard boxes (such as polystyrene) can’t be recycled so we recommend that non-card packing materials are put into the residual waste

  • Only paper wrapping paper can be recycled. To check if wrapping paper is made of paper, people can use the “scrunch test”. Scrunch the paper and if it stays in a ball, it can be recycled in your blue-lidded bin;
  • For Scrap metals – large biscuit tins can be recycled, but large car parts cannot!

Wiltshire Council has recently introduced a kerbside battery collection service. People can now leave most small household batteries for recycling (as long as they are not leaking) including D, C, AA, AAA, 9V and button-type batteries and these should be placed on top of blue-lidded bins in a sealed, transparent plastic bag ready for collection.

Every year hundreds of fires at waste facilities across the country are linked to batteries thrown out in the bin. People can help to prevent fires and keep staff safe by only disposing of batteries using the new kerbside collection service or at battery collection points at locations such as supermarkets.

Finally, I would like to thank residents across Marlborough East, Savernake and Mildenhall for everything you do to reduce the impact on the environment and the cost of managing waste to Council Taxpayers. More detailed information is online at Rubbish and recycling - Wiltshire Council

Caroline Thomas

Wiltshire Councillor for Marlborough East.


How to submit LHFIG highways requests
09 December 2022
Local Highway and Footway Improvement Groups

Local Highway and Footway Improvement Groups (LHFIGS) have replaced Community Area Transport Groups (CATGs) and are sub-groups of the area boards. They aim to find solutions for local transport issues such as road repairs, traffic problems, road layouts and parking. More details on the type of measures which can and cannot be considered for funding can be found in the LHFIG Terms of Reference April 2022 Each group has about 10 members including area board members, town and parish council members and community representatives.

The meetings are also attended by relevant officers from Wiltshire council including a senior transport planner, a senior traffic engineer and a local highway maintenance engineer as necessary. Their key purpose is to offer advice and support to the group but they do not vote on the issues raised. The LHFIG may also invite representatives from local organisations to its meetings to give technical advice or to share local knowledge. Further information on the LHFIG decision making process can be found in the LHFIG Guidance Notes April 2022.

Funding allocation

The amount allocated is dependent on the geographical size and population for each community area. The funding allocation is for capital expenditure and can only be used to provide new and improved highway infrastructure. The funding is suitable for small scale schemes which improve safety, increase accessibility and sustainability by promoting walking, cycling and public transport and improving traffic management. It cannot be used to fund revenue functions such as maintenance schemes or the provision of passenger transport services.

Raising an issue

Individuals may Report a highways improvement issue which should then be submitted to their town or parish council. Only those issues which are supported by the town or parish council may be considered by the LHFIG.

Further information about how the groups operate, including membership, meeting schedule and the decision-making process, can be found on the Local highway and footway improvement groups.

Reporting an Issue to Savernake Parish Council

Individuals who wish to raise a matter should download the form below and complete it, then submit it to Savernake Parish Council by email to, so the Parish Council can discuss the matter and if necessary raise it at the Marlborough Local Highway and Footway Improvement Group.

Business Grants for Young People in Wiltshire and Swindon - Open for Applications
07 December 2022

Are you aged 18 – 30, running a small business or thinking of starting one in the next 6 months?

We are working in partnership with the South West Enterprise Fund (SWEF) to provide business grants of £2,000 to young people in Wiltshire and Swindon that are aged between 18-30. As part of the programme, SWEF provides the opportunity to join a network of peers who are also in the early stage of starting their business to share ideas, experiences and learn.

To be eligible to apply, you need to be:

  • aged 18 to 30
  • living in Wiltshire or Swindon
  • planning to start your own business within the next 6 months or running your own business which has been trading for no more than 2 years
  • without easy access to other sources of finance

Grants can be used towards capital items and running costs such as:

  • stock, equipment or materials
  • rent or business-related bills

Further guidance on the programme is available here and you can apply online via our website WCF - South West Enterprise Fund Grants Wiltshire Community Foundation

Sandcliff House, 21 Northgate Street, Devizes SN10 1JT,

Tel: 01380 738985

MANP Referendum to be rescheduled
06 December 2022

The Neighbourhood Planning process in Marlborough is expected to move forward to the referendum stage after a resident’s application for a judicial review was refused by the High Court.

Work in Savernake Forest
08 November 2022

Nikki Morgans is now the Area Forester for Bristol and Savernake of Forestry England.

She has written to notify the parishioners that Forestry England will soon be working in Savernake Forest to complete a number of forestry operations which will last until late 2023.

In several areas of the forest where trees are growing densely, we will be thinning them. This means removing selected trees to give the remaining ones more space to grow to their potential. Thinning also allows more light to reach the forest floor, which improves the habitat for ground flora and the wildlife it supports. Many of our planned work areas are classified as a Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS) which means that we are gradually managing them back to the way they would have been several hundred years ago. Where we are thinning the trees, we will target the removal of non-native conifers to benefit the broadleaf trees and, where possible, open up more space around some of Savernake’s special veteran trees to support their health.

We will also be removing around 300 ash trees which are close to access routes around the forest and showing signs of chalara ash dieback. This is a destructive disease that causes trees to become brittle, drop branches, or fall altogether. We will be removing these trees for safety.

There is more information about this work on our website at

We understand that residents may not be familiar with sustainable forest management and are keen to explain how this planned work supports the long-term health and resilience of the forest.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or, you can send queries to

Nikki Morgans
Area Forester
Bristol and Savernake
Forestry England

+44 (0)777 5012033 (mobile)

SSEN Priority Service Register
04 November 2022

We have been asked by Helen Robertson, Customer & Community Advisor for Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) to make people aware of the SSEN’s Priority Service Register. Please let family or neighbours know about this service if you think it may be beneficial for them to be signed up to this.

“It is that time of year again where we are beginning to get prepared for any inclement weather that may come our way and to ensure our customers are prepared should any loss of power occur in the area.

I am keen to ensure that anyone over 65, anyone with children under 5 or anyone with a medical condition is signed up to our Priority Service Register. It is a free service and just highlights to us those people that may need a little extra help in the event of a power loss. Some customers rely on medical equipment such as medical beds, oxygen or stairlifts and it is key that I know where these customers are, their level of vulnerability and how we can look after them in a storm situation.

I can provide some glow sticks (safer than candles to light up a room) and some information on how customers can keep up to date with any faults that occur and how they can report any problems with their power that they may have.

We also wish to make people aware of our contact number for anyone who has lost power. It is 105 and that will take them straight to our call centre. (This is the number to use for any power company to get an update on power cuts, as it will connect you to your local company). It can be dialled from a mobile or land line (however many land lines will not work in a power outage so we recommend keeping mobile phones charged). It may be worth buying a simple power bank that will re charge your mobile phone.

We also have an App that can be downloaded on any smart phone called Power Track – it is dark blue with three white lines whooshing through it. People can see all the power cuts on there, get updates and also see when it will be restored.

Our Priority Service Team will call those on the register so it is important they provide a mobile number."

Please contact Helen if would like any further information, or would like to sign up to the Priority Service Register.

T: 07876 837305

MANP Referendum Suspended
10 August 2022

Wiltshire Council has received a claim for judicial review relating to the Draft Marlborough Area Neighbourhood Plan. The Counting Officer, Terence Herbert, has been instructed to suspend the Referendum due to be held on 11 August 2022 following an order of the court until further notice. This means that the poll will not take place on Thursday 11 August 2022.

Further updates will be posted as and when available

Cllr Caroline Thomas - One Year On Update
01 June 2022

Please find attached an update provided from;

Cllr Caroline Thomas
Wiltshire Councillor for Marlborough East
Portfolio Holder for Finance and Procurement

Marlborough Area Neighbourhood Plan and Decision Notice
26 May 2022

Hello All,

As you are aware the final Examiners report has been sent to Wiltshire Council. Consequently a ‘ Decision Notice’ has been issued by Wiltshire Council, received on the 26th of May, and with this a set of required amendments to the MANP. The ‘Decision Notice’, subject to these amendments, recommends for the MANP to move to referendum.

Since we last met Wiltshire Council has also issued notification of the referendum date as the 11th of August. As discussed the MANP amendments will be made in house where possible week beginning 6th June, and if needed we will commission in external consultants for some technical changes, although Neil Homer, who has now received the WC Decisions Notice and required amendments, has indicated if he can do any amendments without charge he will (i.e., if it’s not too much work). The amended MANP has to be returned to Wiltshire Council by the 22nd of June.

In case anyone asks I have ‘pushed’ to see if the referendum date can be put back to early September and have been told by WC this is not an option due to legal requirements of the NP process.

Both Parishes have been notified of this and sent copies of the Examiner’s report and Decision Notice. The documents will be on our website tomorrow.

Look forward to our meeting on the 7th of June , when I will be able to report on the costs and funding position for promoting the referendum as discussed.

Regards Richard

Richard Spencer-Williams

Town Clerk

Marlborough Town Council

Mob: 07931 996632

Briefing Note 22-11 - Solar Together Wiltshire
14 May 2022

Please find attached a copy of Briefing Note 21-11 which provides information about a scheme called Solar Together Wiltshire, which gives homeowners the opportunity to invest in renewables through a group-buying scheme for solar panels and battery storage.

Note: this Briefing Note has been circulated to Parish and Town Clerks at the request of the author.

Kind Regards

Democratic and Member Services

Savernake Parish Council Cold Weather Plan - DRAFT
21 October 2021

Please see attached draft cold weather plan

Update from Age UK Wiltshire Information & Advice service
10 February 2021

Hello everyone,

Hope you are keeping well in these challenging times at the moment.

I hope you don’t mind me writing just to update you with some news from the Information & Advice (I&A) team at Age UK Wiltshire that may be helpful to older residents across the county:

  • We are supporting clients to apply for the Wiltshire Surviving Winter Grant this year (in partnership with Wiltshire Community Foundation and Wiltshire Warm & Safe) which, if applying through Age UK Wiltshire, is a one-off grant of £150 (up to £250 for some clients). We can support clients who meet all the following criteria:
  • over pension age (client and/or partner)
  • have household income (excluding disability benefits) less than £16,190pa OR in receipt of a means-tested benefit
  • considered to be in fuel poverty by AUKW– e.g. high heating costs, struggling to afford to heat their home adequately, hard-to-heat homes, significantly underusing heating.
  • able to provide evidence of their means-tested benefit and a suitable bank account to pay the money into
  • We continue to take applications for our free telephone befriending service and are branching out into other things like telephone book groups, although we now have a short waiting list. We can also refer into free Age UK national telephone befriending.
  • We are still supporting clients with Attendance Allowance/DLA application forms which is now done through free telephone appointments and turnaround time for us contacting and completing the appointment is around 2wks or less (with it being backdated to the date of referral to us)
  • We continue to offer telephone and email advice and support in the usual areas of advice like welfare benefits for older people, housing options and issues and care and support options.

All of the above can be arranged through our Information & Advice team by calling us on 0808 196 2424 or emailing us You can read about our other services on our website here:

Please let me know if you have any queries and would be glad to hear any news from you also! Please feel free to share with any colleagues or contacts that you think may be helpful for.

Kind regards,


Rachel Clarke(She/Her)

Senior Project Worker

Information & Advice team

Age UK Wiltshire

Tel: 0808 196 2424 (advice line)

Savernake Neighbourhood Plan
01 December 2019

Please use the following link to access the Savernake neighbourhood Plan

View plan here

Letter to Parishioners from Guy Singleton - Chairman
22 November 2019

Dear Parishioner

I am writing with regard to a proposal from Marlborough Town Council that affects all Parishioners and the future of the Parish, and would accordingly ask that all Parishioners within each household read this letter and respond. Generally we only get a very limited response to our communications but we would ask everyone to make a special effort to respond to this letter.

We firstly regret to inform you that Neil Twentyman died on 24th September 2019 after a short illness, he was the Parish Council Chairman from 2013 -2016 and has been the treasurer from 2017. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time. I would like to record my thanks for all the work he has done for the Parish and his support whilst I have been the Chairman.

The proposal that Marlborough Town Council has forwarded to Wiltshire Council suggests that Savernake and Preshute Parishes should be incorporated within the Marlborough Town Boundary. Their stated reasoning for this is that, as they have access to greater funding, they say they could provide a better service than the current Parish Councils.

The view of all the Savernake Parish Councillors is that this proposal by Marlborough Town Council should be rejected, the main reason for this is being the significant increase in council tax that would result. To give you an idea of what the change would mean to you, their precept for a Band D Council Tax Property is £195.13, whereas the current Savernake Parish Council equivalent is £9.40. As a comparison, other neighbouring Parishes’ equivalents are Wootton Rivers £24.06 and Preshute £47.48.

As previously notified, we do still need to find a new Parish Clerk to provide the council with the necessary legal support required in today’s environment. However, even with employing a Clerk, at this stage we anticipate that the Savernake Parish Council Band D precept would still only rise to approximately £20-25 per annum and would therefore continue to be significantly below that charged by Marlborough Town Council.

We also believe that Marlborough Town Council would spend far less time considering matters within Savernake, than the current Savernake Parish Council, and our representation on the Council would be minimal - there are 221 voters within Savernake, compared to 6,207 in Marlborough Town so it would be very unlikely that Savernake voters would have an effective voice on the council.

Additionally, all your current Savernake Parish Councillors live in the Parish, have been resident there for many years, and have a good understanding of the issues and concerns arising there.

Given this proposal, in order to decide what approach Savernake Parish Council should take, we would like to establish what the views of our Parishioners are so, at the end of this letter there is a simple question which we would be grateful if you could please answer, to let us know your view by Friday 20th December, there is also a copy on the website. Please can each Parishioner in a household respond (for reasons of economy one letter per household has been sent but the higher number of responses we receive, the more significance the results will have).

Please can you forward your responses to me at the above address or to the Parish Council email address We will put the results of the survey on the Savernake Parish Council website,

If you would like further information or to discuss this please contact me via the above email or on 01672 514241.

With best wishes,

Guy Singleton

Chairman of Savernake Parish Council