We have been asked by Helen Robertson, Customer & Community Advisor for Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) to make people aware of the SSEN’s Priority Service Register. Please let family or neighbours know about this service if you think it may be beneficial for them to be signed up to this.

“It is that time of year again where we are beginning to get prepared for any inclement weather that may come our way and to ensure our customers are prepared should any loss of power occur in the area.

I am keen to ensure that anyone over 65, anyone with children under 5 or anyone with a medical condition is signed up to our Priority Service Register. It is a free service and just highlights to us those people that may need a little extra help in the event of a power loss. Some customers rely on medical equipment such as medical beds, oxygen or stairlifts and it is key that I know where these customers are, their level of vulnerability and how we can look after them in a storm situation.

I can provide some glow sticks (safer than candles to light up a room) and some information on how customers can keep up to date with any faults that occur and how they can report any problems with their power that they may have.

We also wish to make people aware of our contact number for anyone who has lost power. It is 105 and that will take them straight to our call centre. (This is the number to use for any power company to get an update on power cuts, as it will connect you to your local company). It can be dialled from a mobile or land line (however many land lines will not work in a power outage so we recommend keeping mobile phones charged). It may be worth buying a simple power bank that will re charge your mobile phone.

We also have an App that can be downloaded on any smart phone called Power Track – it is dark blue with three white lines whooshing through it. People can see all the power cuts on there, get updates and also see when it will be restored.

Our Priority Service Team will call those on the register so it is important they provide a mobile number."

Please contact Helen if would like any further information, or would like to sign up to the Priority Service Register.
helen.robertson@sse.com helen.robertson@sse.com

T: 07876 837305

Notice Date: 04/11/2022