Savernake Parish Council Policies

Please contact the Chair if you have any queries.

SPC Councillor Expenses

SPC Councillor Expenses Policy - Reviewed May 2023

SPC Data Protection

Data Protection Policy - Reviewed July 2023

SPC Data Privacy Policy

Data Privacy Policy - Reviewed July 2023

SPC Councillor Responsibilities

Councillor Responsibilities - Reviewed October 2023

SPC Record Retention

Record Retention Policy - Reviewed October 2023

SPC Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct - Reviewed October 2023

SPC Cold Weather Plan

Cold weather advice and planning. The Cold weather plan (CWP) for England describes useful prompts for safety and wellbeing in winter and the best time to take action - Reviewed May 2023

SPC Risk Assessments

SPC Risk Assessments - Reviewed October 2023