May 2022
Tuesday, 19:30
St Katherine's Church, Savernake Forest

Annual Parish Meeting

Dear Parishioners

I write to inform you that we will be holding our Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30pm on 10th May at St Katharine's Church. We would like to invite you to attend the meeting which will give a brief overview of the Parish Council activities over the last 12 months.

I attach a copy of the agenda for the meeting; we have invited Forestry England, the Police and the Trustees of the Savernake Estate to attend and give us an update on their activities within the Parish. Forestry England and the Police have confirmed that they will be attending and we anticipate receiving a statement from the Savernake Estate.

I would be grateful if you could please let me know if you are planning to attend so that we have an idea of numbers.

I also attach a draft copy of the minutes of last year's Annual Parish Meeting.

With best wishes



 Guy Singleton


Savernake Parish Council