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Savernake Parish Council

Welcome to Savernake Parish Council's website. 

It’s designed to provide easy to access information about how the Parish Council works, our services, local events and links to other websites.

Latest Parish News

Forestry England update - Feb 2024


February 2024
Savernake Forest Pond

It continues to be a busy month in the forest as we take advantage of the season to get to work on some of Savernake Forest’s pond habitats.

Savernake is a ‘dry forest’ with no water courses. But there are several scattered historic ponds surrounded by important wetland and wet woodland habitats. In the past, the ponds would have been sources of water for grazing animals but they became clogged and dried out in recent decades. We have brought several ponds back into management by removing trees and dredging to improve these habitats for wildlife, such as invertebrates and bats.

This month, we have been working on Column Pool, Kite Pool, Thornhill Pond, and Pottery Pool. Our ecologist chose these particular ponds as having the most potential benefit for great-crested newts, a European Protected Species. Some are already being used by great-crested newts and improving other ponds will hopefully create a wider network of suitable habitat. Of course, what is good for the newts will be beneficial for many other species as well. We have been removing silt from the ponds, to create more open water, and reducing surrounding vegetation to allow more light through.

Newts spend winter in the wider forest so now is the perfect time to make these improvements. In the spring, the newts should return to the ponds to mate. The male newt courts the female, who will go on to lay about 200 eggs, individually wrapped in leaves from pond plants.

If you’re visiting the forest this month, it’s a great time to see goshawk in the woods. In late winter and early spring, the birds fly high above the trees in an elaborate ‘sky-dance’ display to their mate. Goshawk are particularly vocal during this period and you may hear their distinctive “kek-kek-kek” call, especially early in the morning.

If you have any questions about Forestry England’s work in Savernake Forest, please drop us a line to

by Nikki Morgans, Area Forester

Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust (WBVT) Collection Box Volunteers needed



February 2024

If you love getting out and about but also want to support a cause in achieving its aim, then becoming a Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust (WBVT) Collection Box Volunteer. This could be the right step for you. You will be involved in displaying our collection boxes in your local community to help raise funds for WBVT.

In this community-spirited volunteer role, your support will include getting involved in the following:

  • Getting out and about to display our iconic collection boxes in your local community
  • Networking with organisations to share our cause and encourage them to display our collection boxes
  • Maintain an accurate list of the location of the collection boxes and the dates on which they have been replaced or emptied
  • At suitable intervals be responsible for the collection and replacement of these collection boxes
  • Being an ambassador for WBVT

You'll ideally:

  • Have good organisational skills to organise distribution of collection boxes
  • Have good communication skills to spread the word about WBVT
  • Be looking to commit to 8hrs a week which is flexible to allow you to enjoy a work-life balance

· The minimum age of this volunteer role is Over 18 and you will require your own vehicle, insurance, and Driving Licence

If you don’t feel you tick every box but are sure this role is the one for you, we’d love to hear from you! We’re always open to suggestions and are very happy to chat with you to find out what’s possible, so please just get in

08 May 2024

Parish Council Meeting

Marlborough Community & Youth Centre, St Margaret's Mead Wednesday 7:30 pm View Details
22 May 2024

Annual Parish Meeting

Marlborough Community & Youth Centre, St Margaret's Mead Wednesday 7:30 pm View Details
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