A 2 bedroom house at Home Meadow

A 2 bedroom house at Home Meadow, Clench Common, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 4PB is up for rental from Wiltshire Council.

Under Planning Application K16440 - Social Housing at Clench Common SPM

Homes4Wiltshire website is a home of the choice based lettings scheme of Wiltshire Council for the allocation of affordable housing across Wiltshire Council's area

An advert is on the Wiltshire website-https://www.homes4wiltshire.co.uk.

The property is a 2 bed house at Home Meadow, Clench Common, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 4PB and the social rent will be £123.16 a week.

Anyone who is interested in the property to the Homes4Wiltshire website where they can bid on it.

Homes4Wiltshire is a partnership between Wiltshire Council and about 30 housing associations providing affordable homes in Wiltshire Council’s area.  Together, Wiltshire Council and its housing association partners manage thousands of properties in Wiltshire Council’s area.  Affordable homes may be rented properties, shared ownership (part-rent, part-buy) or discounted sale properties.  The majority of homes advertised by Homes4Wiltshire are at social rents or affordable rents (80% market rents) and increasing numbers are fixed term tenancies.  The government, at the time of updating this page, is planning to introduce fixed term tenancies for all lettings by Wiltshire Council and other local authority landlords

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