I am sure the continued wet weather, and now freezing temperatures, have not escaped your attention and the challenge of the extra wear and tear to the highway this causes, with the related increase in the number of holes.

The council just wants to reassure everyone we are set up for the increase in reports of pot holes and ask for your assistance with reporting any issues on our highways through the MyWiltshire system.

To ensure Wiltshire’s network is maintained at the highest possible standards every adopted road in Wiltshire is inspected at a frequency depending on their use. Higher used roads receive a greater number of inspections, but if we have your help with identifying any problems between inspections this allows us to address issues at the earliest opportunity.

Sadly every Christmas and New Year results in a peak in the amount of litter dropped.

The council will respond to litter reports, however, for your information with the first annual scheduled litter pick of major routes, and all its amenity areas, will commence from the 1st March 2020.

This is also to coincided with the Great British Spring Clean which is in March.

The council will be supporting the Great British Spring Clean Event again this year, with the arrangements as per last year, with your Community Engagement Manager being the point of contact for any support you may require.

The council will also be supporting a number of other activities and a programme of undertakings will be announced in the April Newsletter.

As the winter has been warm and wet we are currently looking to commence our amenity grass cutting monthly arrangements in March, with the annual verge cut being undertaken in the early summer season and the trial wildflower areas having their own arrangements.

Notice Date: 01/01/2020