Hello All,

As you are aware the final Examiners report has been sent to Wiltshire Council. Consequently a ‘ Decision Notice’ has been issued by Wiltshire Council, received on the 26th of May, and with this a set of required amendments to the MANP. The ‘Decision Notice’, subject to these amendments, recommends for the MANP to move to referendum.

Since we last met Wiltshire Council has also issued notification of the referendum date as the 11th of August. As discussed the MANP amendments will be made in house where possible week beginning 6th June, and if needed we will commission in external consultants for some technical changes, although Neil Homer, who has now received the WC Decisions Notice and required amendments, has indicated if he can do any amendments without charge he will (i.e., if it’s not too much work). The amended MANP has to be returned to Wiltshire Council by the 22nd of June.

In case anyone asks I have ‘pushed’ to see if the referendum date can be put back to early September and have been told by WC this is not an option due to legal requirements of the NP process.

Both Parishes have been notified of this and sent copies of the Examiner’s report and Decision Notice. The documents will be on our website tomorrow.

Look forward to our meeting on the 7th of June , when I will be able to report on the costs and funding position for promoting the referendum as discussed.

Regards Richard

Richard Spencer-Williams

Town Clerk

Marlborough Town Council

Mob: 07931 996632

Notice Date: 26/05/2022