Nikki Morgans is now the Area Forester for Bristol and Savernake of Forestry England.

She has written to notify the parishioners that Forestry England will soon be working in Savernake Forest to complete a number of forestry operations which will last until late 2023.

In several areas of the forest where trees are growing densely, we will be thinning them. This means removing selected trees to give the remaining ones more space to grow to their potential. Thinning also allows more light to reach the forest floor, which improves the habitat for ground flora and the wildlife it supports. Many of our planned work areas are classified as a Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS) which means that we are gradually managing them back to the way they would have been several hundred years ago. Where we are thinning the trees, we will target the removal of non-native conifers to benefit the broadleaf trees and, where possible, open up more space around some of Savernake’s special veteran trees to support their health.

We will also be removing around 300 ash trees which are close to access routes around the forest and showing signs of chalara ash dieback. This is a destructive disease that causes trees to become brittle, drop branches, or fall altogether. We will be removing these trees for safety.

There is more information about this work on our website at

We understand that residents may not be familiar with sustainable forest management and are keen to explain how this planned work supports the long-term health and resilience of the forest.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or, you can send queries to

Nikki Morgans
Area Forester
Bristol and Savernake
Forestry England

+44 (0)777 5012033 (mobile)

Notice Date: 08/11/2022